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Tarezz A. Lee Cht.
Healing Facilitator

I am a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Counselor that will guide you through your healing process.

Regardless of the circumstances, we all have the power to heal ourselves and create the life we want to live. 


I tailor healing sessions to the needs of my clients using a unique combination of hypnotherapy, energy work and intuitive counseling to guide, assist and support you on your path to healing. 


Healing Is An Inside Job


 Each 1.5 hour session, we work on getting to of the root cause of limiting patterns and beliefs in your subconscious mind and heal the energetic patterns of emotional traumas and attachments to the past that keep you from living your fullest potential. 
$250 (1.5 hours)

Email me at: to schedule a Zoom or phone consultation and learn more about the possibilities you haven't yet discovered!

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