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The Elegant Mind: Healing Narrative and Virtual Worlds

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Author: William Jamaal Fort

The process of creation lives at the center of the psyche and soul of every human. Its expression gives life meaning and helps us to better understand our place in the universe. We are a part of the creation and each one of us is an individual expression of the creative principle. Each moment of our lives presents a new opportunity to examine explore and express this principle. To many of us, this is life’s greatest gift; To many more, it is life’s greatest challenge.

We are constantly creating with every choice we make. Every thought, every word, and every deed that we project into our lives and into the lives of others has some creative effect on our reality whether positive or negative. We create with both our conscious and subconscious minds twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for our entire lifetime. It is impossible for human beings to disengage from the creative process and it is this process that determines the quality of our lives.

Near the core of Buddhist philosophy are these two simple yet powerful principles: “What you think you become” and the equally potent, “Thoughts become things”. It would seem reasonable to surmise that a thorough understanding and application of these two principles would greatly increase the quality of any individual’s life. As author Viktor Frankl discovered as a young man and later expressed in his book, “Mans Search for Meaning”, it is meaning itself that must first be developed to create a rewarding life. He understood that even as those around him suffered horrific losses in German concentration camps, that it was still the respons