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D.S. True  is photographer living in Los Angeles. True’s images and landscapes evoke the stark climatic contrasts of his Pacific Northwest upbringing and his travels through the use of rich color and tones.  


True’s images incorporate symmetry with balanced elements, weathered backdrops, shapes, symbology, landscapes, man made structures and objects. He juxtaposes them at times with askew or broken shapes  and figures. His photography has been exhibited online, in magazines, and in numerous galleries and shows throughout the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Seattle and Olympia areas.


After living nearly a lifetime with chronic pain and illness a doctor finally tested him for Lyme disease and came up a with a positive diagnosis for his often misunderstood condition.

“Creating images is a meditative practice for me, at times expressing the balance between my discomfort from physical pain and memory loss and the hope for resolution that’s visible.” 


He had been suffering from Lyme disease since he was a child but didn't find out until he was 38. Early in his diagnosis he had memory loss and foggy brain, so he started taking photographs to distract himself from the multiple painful symptoms he was experiencing.


After working with a local group that educates people with the disease in Los Angeles he decided to take a holistic approach after seeing the effects of pharmaceutical drugs on patients. 


His goal is to educate others on the effects of Lyme's, which is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by medical professionals, through his photographic images. He works to spread awareness about the disease through local groups and pursing his art while facing the physical and emotional challenges of the disease.


He is currently working on an exhibition entitled “Rememrbr: The Faces of Lyme. The exhibition will be presented  2019 in Los Angeles, CA.

Follow him on IG: @d.s.true
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