At its best art evokes powerful emotions in each of us. These often very personal expressions giving the viewer the rare opportunity to look inside of the psyche of another human being. These visions are often pure unfiltered and raw and it is that raw emotional essence that best defines the work of C.M Miller.


An artist since childhood, Miller’s unique creations often explore the deep nooks and crevices of the human psyche. In 2006 a diagnosis of MS added fuel to Miller’s artistic output. “For me, the lack of an audience watching you make mistakes, try new things and improve your art has been a much needed respite from needing to produce perfection. I can spend hours making ‘mistakes’, get a single brush stroke ‘right’ and leave the studio feeling accomplished. Regardless of how many times I dropped my brushes or knocked canvases onto the floor.”


His abstract explorations of recent years have not only allowed him to continue to explore the darkness of the challenges he faces daily with MS, but to expose the rare and fragile beauty that exists within it.

Follow him on IG: @cmmillerart

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